Alexander Glushkov

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Guitarist, arranger, composer.
Was born on May 9 in Irkutsk. From the age of 6 he studied piano at the Children's Music School. Later he graduated from the Irkutsk Regional College of Music, guitar class. At the same time he was hired as a guitarist in the "Pilgrim Theater" tetar studio.
After graduating from college, he worked at the Irkust Musical Theater named after. Zagursky, rock operas "Juno" and "Avos", "Jesus Christ is a super star".
After that he collaborated with the famous Irkutsk jazz band "Doctor Jazz".
Today Alexander works in the production center of Maxim Fadeev.
He also collaborated with:
- T.M.Stevens
- Marimba Plus
- Oleg Miami
- Igor Kornilov
- gr. Chile
- Rodion Gazmanov
- Emin
- Alexander Shoua
- Mikhail Shufutinsky
- Alexander Bichev and others.

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Alexander Glushkov


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