Логотип Магазин гитар
Igor Nelin
Igor Nelin
Guitarist, teacher.
He was born on August 21 in Chisinau, but spent all his childhood and school years in a village in the north of the Tyumen region, where he developed an interest in music.
After long experiments with different instruments, I decided to seriously study the guitar and went to a music school, which I successfully graduated from the class of classical guitar.
Further study at the Tyumen College of Arts for the same specialty, participating in a variety of all-Russian and international competitions.
From the second year he began to teach guitar at school romantic-sound.ru.
After three years of work at the school he left for St. Petersburg enrolled at ww.spbgik.ru for the continuation of the career of a classical guitarist,
but the love of the electric guitar made me quit my studies and come to grips with the development of myself as a professional in this field.
Work in a variety of cover and rock bands.
After moving to Moscow he continues active sessional and teaching activities and is working on creating a solo album.
Twice winner of the contest "Jem with Fedor Dosumov."
Collaborated with such artists and projects as:

Anna Malysheva (New Wave, Main Stage)
Sergei Soros
Denis Klaver
Orchestra VGTRK (TV Channel Russia)
Rock and Opera
Ekaterina Kovskaya (Voice)
and others.


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